Why Silver utensils for babies?

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You would have noticed in olden movies they portray the affluent family with a lot of silverwares used; especially the cutleries.

Eating in a silver plate has equal benefits of eating in a banana leaf. It can benefit both babies and adults as well.

In today’s post we will see the medicinal benefits of silverware for babies and how it can benefit them.

Medicinal Benefits of Silverware for Babies and Adults:

I have seen many parents feeding their baby in silverware. I asked my grandma whether it’s just for pride as I have noticed silverware used in temples too. She said we have the tradition to use silver as it has many medicinal benefits and easy to maintain than copper.

When a new baby arrives home for the first time, he or she is usually showered with gifts in silver. Below mentioned are the medicinal benefits of silverware for babies and adults.

Bacteria free:
Silver is 100% bacteria free. Hence it’s advisable to give food and drinks for babies in silverware.

Since it is bacteria free, we don’t need to sterilize it by boiling the bowl in hot water.

Just a usual wash and a rinse in hot water is enough. It is quite easy to maintain than stainless steel utensils or baby feeding accessories.

All the medicines and home remedies for babies are supposed to give in a silver ‘paladai’ or ‘sangu’ as it has anti-bacterial properties.

Boosts immunity:
It’s said when we have hot or warm food in a metal, it will melt and infuse with the food we eat. Silver being anti-bacterial helps to boost the immunity this way.

Hence silver feeding accessories for babies and kids are preferred.

Non toxic:
Silverwares are non toxic in nature as it kills a wide variety of bacteria too.

Retains and restores freshness of water and liquids:
In olden days, silver was used to keep water fresh. Even wines were stored in silver jars to prevent spoiling and retain freshness.

Even today many water purifiers have silver in it due to the above mentioned property.

Cools down the body:
Silver has the added advantage of cooling down the body. That’s the reason most of the anklets and chains used are made out of silver.

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