Trendy Office Wear Jewelry 2017

Posted by shiv kumar on

Choosing jewelry for office wear is indeed a very confusing job! Picking the best one from an assortment simply baffles you. Many love to adorn fascinating bracelets, stout neck pieces, beautiful cuffs and heavy danglers—but keep aside these weird thoughts especially when you are sitting in a cabin and have to maintain your professionalism. Indeed it is a very difficult task to select a piece of jewelry which will not only give you a cool look, but at the same time, would ingrain a corporate feel in you.

  • Pearl earrings

Pear Earrings look extremely professional and are totally work appropriate. Office is all about making your work speak. You don’t want your jewellery to attract unnecessary attention. Hence, office jewellery must be kept simple and classy. Pearls are great when it comes to office jewellery. Single pearl studs and mono-strand pearl necklaces are extremely versatile and go well with almost all styles of office attire.

  • Mono stranded pearl necklaces

Mono stranded pearl necklaces also look lovely and you can never go wrong with them. They are perfect for any formal event and look super chic. No wonder it is a one of the most famous jewellery pieces worn by women in powerful positions.

  • Watches and  Bracelets

Watches are another great accessory to wear at workplace. You must have a chunky metallic watch and a slender feminine watch to go with different styles of outfits. Watches can look beautiful, they make you look more professional and, of course, they tell you the time ;)

Latest trend is to team up the watch with one or two slender bracelets. It looks stylish and adds a bit more glamour to the entire look. Sleek metallic bracelets are in vogue currently. However, thin sparkling crystal bracelets work great too.

It always helps to keep a couple of light chain style necklaces and a few rings. Important thing to remember is when you are getting ready for work, less is more! The office accessories should make you look more put together with a subtle hint of femininity rather than shouting out loud and drawing unneeded attention.

Everything being said, it is okay to make statement at times. Wear that chunky choker or your favourite pair of statement earrings to the office party or a formal black tie event and dazzle everyone around!

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