Engagement Ring Trends for 2018

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With so many engagement ring styles out there, the options can seem endless — especially with all the gorgeous 2018 engagement ring trends surfacing lately. So if you're planning on buying an engagement ring in the near future, or if you're curious about what style you like the most, you're in luck! We've been making mental notes on the most popular engagement ring trends 2018 has to offer, and you can check them out right here.

Oval-Cut Diamonds
“Oval diamonds are becoming a popular alternative to both round and emerald shapes,” says Kent. “The elongated shape is so elegant, and can make your fingers look more slender.” She loves that the shape varies from stone to stone and therefore can be chosen based on how it looks on your hand. “Some prefer a more elongated oval, while others prefer one that is more round.” The most classic length-to-width ratio is between 1.4 to 1.6. “Just watch out for the bowtie effect, which happens when light doesn’t bounce back in the middle of the stone. It leads to a dark bowtie shape across the center, so search for a stone where this effect is less pronounced.”

Rose Gold Rings
This metal exudes romance, which is why we're not surprised that it's appearing in so many new ring collections and remaining on the popular list for 2018 engagement ring trends. This feminine look, sported by fashionista Lauren Conrad, has serious staying power.

Colored Gemstones
Just as color is making its way into wedding dress trends for 2018, brighter hues are totally acceptable on your engagement ring too. From spinels to sapphires, the sky is the limit when it comes to picking an engagement ring with a standout gemstone.

Pear-Cut Styles
While the oval cut is a trend on the more classic side, pear-cut rings are totally modern and fashion-forward for 2018 engagement ring trends. This option is perfect for the trendsetting bride who wants a standout ring to match her everyday style. Mixing metals is also very in right now—add a rose gold wedding band for an ultra-trendy set.

Ring Stacks
Personalize your bling by creating a custom ring stack — a major player in the engagement ring trends 2018 is offering up. Some engagement rings are designed with coordinating wedding bands, but mixing and matching is a great option too. We especially love this "tiara" style band that forms a half-halo around the center ston

Twisted Details
Traditional brides will love this classic-with-a-twist style. The unique setting stands out from your average halo, while the overall style of the ring is timeless and understated.

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