All about Turkish Jewelry

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Turkish Jewelry is one of the style at Jewelry World. This style is directly called as “Turkish Jewelry“. In this content we will inform you about history, culture and all details about Turkish Jewelry.

The Turkish Jewelry word means a jewelry which is made in Turkey by Turkish Jewelry Masters with classic jewelry designing methods. Due to size of market and center of jewelry world in Istanbul Grand Bazaar you can also find factory made jewelry in Turkey. But this style known as Italian Jewelry.

Turkish Jewelry has their own style and oftenly made with shining gemstones like:

Agate, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye. Also the color of metal will never shines so much. To show drawing details used black rhodium plating to show details. This type of darkness also will give authentic look on jewelry which is must for classic jewelry style.

Most famous stones are Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire for Women’s Turkish Jewelry. For Men’s Turkish Jewelry is Aqeeq (Agate), Ferooza (Turquoise) and Tiger’s Eye stones. There are no so much options for Men’s Jewelry Collection in Turkish Jewelry because jewelry culture of Ottomans. So if you are looking for Really Classic Style Rings for Men, Turkish Men Rings will be your first choice.